Zagreb, Croatia – Day 3

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe

We set off this morning to continue exploring the Upper Town and Lower Town in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ban Jelačić Square In Zagreb, Croatia
Ban Jelačić Square

Just a short tram ride from our apartment on Tuskanova ulica, the Ban Jelačić Square has been Zagreb’s main marketplace since 1641.

Today, it is the dividing point between the Upper Town and Lower Town. By day the square is the city’s commercial heart, but at night it stands at the centre of Zagreb’s social life with the two most popular meeting points being “under the clock” or “under the horse’s tail” referring to the statue of Ban Jelačić.

Ban Jelačić Square In Zagreb, Croatia
Ban Jelačić Square At Night

We next took the funicular situated just off the Square to Upper Town (Zagreb’s Old Town). Zagreb’s funicular is the world’s shortest funicular, but at only 5Kn (€0.66) it’s well worth it.

Funicular in Zagreb, Croatia

Specifically we wanted to visit the Black Eagle Pharmacy. Located in a small building next to the Stone Gate, this pharmacy has been in constant operation since 1355.

While the exterior has been renovated several times (the last renovation being in 1823) …

Black Eagle Pharmacy in Zagreb, Croatia
The Black Eagle Pharmacy

the interior is preserved in as close to its original form as possible.

Black Eagle Pharmacy in Zagreb, Croatia
Interior of the Black Eagle Pharmacy

We also stopped at the Dolac Market, the popular outdoor farmer’s market featuring fresh produce and flowers. Known for the myriad of stalls sheltered by red umbrellas, the Market has been a favorite of locals for over 80 years.

Dolac Market in Zagreb, Croatia
Dolac Market

We then set out to the Lower Town, the bustling city center of Zagreb filled with businesses, shops, museums and green parks. The architecture is a mix of grand Austria-Hungarian, gothic and contemporary all blending together.

Among the highlights is Lenuci’s Horeseshoe, a series of seven interconnected parks designed by the 19th century urban planner Milan Lenuci. It’s no wonder that Zagreb has ranked among the greenest cities in the world.

Park Grič In Zagreb, Croatia
Park Grič

An easy walk from Park Grič is the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Established in 1880 and designed in a style reminiscent of a neo-Renaissance palace, the museum houses collections of  14th – 20th century fine and applied art.

Museum of Arts & Crafts in Zagreb, Croatia
The Museum of Arts & Crafts

Situated directly across from the Museum is the Zagreb School of Music.

Zagreb School of Music in Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb School of Music

The contrasting architecture of the two buildings exemplifies the blend of contemporary, classical, eccentric and esoteric design found throughout the city.

With temperatures hovering well over 32° C (90° F), we decided to call it a day, but there is so much more of this city to discover.

Have you been to Zagreb? Tell us about it!

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