Red Island, Croatia

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe

With the temperature rising, we set sail southwest from Rovinj for the 2.7km trip to the peebly beaches of Red Island.

Red Island, Croatia
Red Island, Croatia

A bit of a misnomer considering it is neither red nor an island, but rather two islets – Sveti Andrija and Maškin  – connected by a small causeway. We decided to stay on Sveti Andrija which has been occupied since the 6th century when the Benedictines built a monastery. In the 15th century, the Franciscans reconstructed the monastery and built a church.

Red Island, Croatia
Franciscan Church on Sveti Andrija

Covered in dense flora and vegetation with a vast array of bird species, the island has been declared an ornithological reserve.

Red Island, Croatia

Numerous paths and walkways decorated with conifers, flowers and pines provide a special charm and scent of a true Mediterranean island.

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As we walk along the path to the beach, we pass stone ruins of the old Benedictine Monastery covered majestically in green flora.

Red Island, Croatia

In 1891, a wealthy Baron Georg von Huetterot bought the entire island and converted the church and monastery into his family’s summer house.

Although the islands are now considered uninhabited, there is nevertheless a hotel. Constructed in the l970s, the Hotel Istra is only accessible by boat from the mainland and since no cars are permitted on the island, golf carts are used to transport guests.

Hotel Istra On Red Island, Croatia
Hotel Istra

Red Island is popular among Croatians of all ages for boating, swimming and virtually every water sport.

While the beaches may be peebly, the stones provide an opportunity to showcase your artistic side.

Red Island, Croatia

After a relaxing afternoon on the beach with only the sounds of birds and the sea, we set off back to the dock for our return to Pula. We again pass beautiful stone ruins draped in foliage …

Red Island, Croatia

and amazing views of the Adriatic

Red Island, Croatia

It is no wonder Red Island is a favorite getaway for Rovinjians.

Have you been to Red Island? Tell us about it!

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