Canada Drops COVID Vaccine Requirements

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Good News From Canada! It is finally joining other countries in relaxing COVID pandemic-related protocols.

Effective 01 October 2022, Canada will no longer require arriving travelers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 nor undergo pre-arrival testing, quarantine or report signs or symptoms to the government upon entry. Mask mandates on domestic flights and trains will be eliminated as well although mask requirements on international flights will continue to depend on the carrier and country of origin/destination.

Canada Lifts Covid Mask Restrictions
Passengers Will No Longer Be Required To Wear Masks On Canadian Domestic Flights

Likewise, COVID testing for passengers on cruise ships will no longer be required prior to boarding.

Canada Lifts Covid Mask Restrictions
A Passenger Shows His Covid Test Prior To Boarding A Cruise Ship

Many travelers will also be relieved that Canada is doing away with its unpopular ArriveCAN app. Although the app will continue to exist, travelers will no longer be required to upload travel documents and proof of vaccination prior to border crossing.

Canada Lifts Covid Mask Restrictions
Travelers To Canada Are No Longer Required To Submit Documents Through ArriveCAN

Currently, foreign travels who are unvaccinated are only allowed entry after they agree to a mandatory PCR test on arrival and quarantine for 14 days. After 01 October, new arrivals will no longer be required to submit a negative COVID test and those in mid quarantine will not be required to complete the remainder of their quarantine.

It is important to remember that COVID continues to pose a health threat, especially for older travelers and those whose health may be compromised. Therefore, even though Canada is relaxing its protocols, travelers should always take necessary precautions including electing to wear masks in crowded venues as well as keeping vaccines and boosters current.

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