Split Croatia – 10 Best Things To See And Do

Split, Croatia

10 Best Things To Do In Split Croatia

Split Croatia

There are few places in the world quite like Croatia. The beauty of the Adriatic Sea combined with ancient history leads to one fun filled adventure, which is why Croatia has become one of the hottest low-key travel destinations for travelers of all ages.

Situated directly on the Adriatic Sea, Split is Croatia’s largest city on the Croatian coast.  Featuring a mix of modern life with ruins dating back to the Roman Empire, Split offers a bustling seafront, ancient history and a captivating Old Town.

Marmanotova Utica in Split Croatia
The pedestrian friendly Marmanotova Utica in Split Croatia

A leisurely walk on the pedestrian friendly Marmanotova Utica next to the Old Town in Split will lead you to the seafront Riva Promenade lined with tall palm trees, bustling cafes and shaded benches.

Riva Promenade in Split Croatia
The Riva Promenade at night in Split Croatia

The Riva Promenade runs along the harbor of Split. The perfect place for an evening stroll while enjoying a refreshing gelato or catching dinner at any one of the sidewalk eating establishments overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

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Tour Split’s Diocletian’s Palace

The Palace of Diocletian in Split Croatia
The Peristyle in the Palace of Diocletian

At the center of Old Town Split is the Palace of Diocletian, a massive complex built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 305 AD.  The east colonnade of the Peristyle is a favorite gathering spot in the Palace.  It’s easy to imagine people sitting on these same steps hundreds of years ago, relaxing and carrying on conversations the same as we do today!

The Cellar at the Palace of Diocletian in Split, Croatia
A view of the Cellars at the Palace of Diocletian in Split, Croatia

Originally constructed to support the Emporer’s apartments on the upper floors, the Cellars are among the best preserved remains of the Palace (if you are a Games of Thrones fan, you’ll recognize the Palace’s cellars as one of the filming locations).  The Cellars are accessible from the Riva through the Porta Aenea. Admission cost 30/15kn or approximately US$4.00.

Split’s Saint Domnius Bell Tower

The Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral located within Diocletian’s Palace stands 57 meters (187 feet) tall and is the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world having been completed in the 7th century AD. The Bell Tower itself was started in the 13th century and is the most original example of Dalmatian Medieval architecture. Be prepared to climb over 180 steps (some are steep, narrow stone steps) to get to the top, but the view is well worth it!

Saint Domnius Bell Tower in Split, Croatia
Saint Domnius Bell Tower in Split, Croatia

Climbing the stairs to the top of the Tower gives a breathtaking view of the massive bells and pulley system.

Saint Domnius Bell Tower in Split, Croatia
Saint Domnius Bell Tower in Split, Croatia

As you climb higher up the Tower, the views become more awesome.  Once at the top of the Bell Tower, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the entire Old Town Split and Adriatic Sea.

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Split’s Statue of Gregory Nin

Statue of Gregory Nin in Split, Croatia
Statue of Gregory Nine in the Old Town of Split, Croatia

At 7.62 meters (25 feet) tall, the Statue of Grgur Ninski (or, Gregory Nin) is imposing, and the closer we got, the more imposing it became. During the 10th century, Gregory was the Bishop of Nin, a small Croatian town known for being the centre of the medieval Christian Diocese of Nin.  Beyond the sheer size of the statue, it is also known for bringing good luck … just rub the big toe on the left foot. Based on the shine it is obvious many people over the years must believe it’s true!

Split’s Republic Square

Republic Square in Split, Croatia
A view of Prokurative (or Republic Square) in Split, Croatia

The Venetian-style Republic Square is the main gathering place in Split and host to The Split Festival held every July showcasing Croatia’s finest singers and musicians.  Commissioned in the 18th century, the architecture of Prokurative (or, Republic Square) was inspired by Venice, Italy’s St. Mark’s Square making it notably different from the rest of Split’s Romanesque style.

Republic Square in Split, Croatia
View of Adriatic Sea from restaurant at Republic Square in Split, Croatia

The courtyard also has wonderful bars and restaurants to relax while enjoying the views of the Adriatic Sea.

Split’s Green Market

Split Green Market in Split, Croatia
The Split Green Market in Split, Croatia

Walking along the Riva near the Diocletian Palace, we stopped by Split’s Green Market. The scent of fresh flowers mixed with the colorful fruit all sold by local vendors is not to be missed. And what better way to make your hotel room or Airbnb more enjoyable than with a fresh bouquet!

Green Market in Split Croatia
A local vendor proudly shows a bouquet of flowers offered at the Green Market in Split, Croatia

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Split’s Sports Events

Split, Croatia
Team University of Split celebrates at the 19th International Rowing Regatta in Split, Croatia

Split is also host to a number of events throughout the summer months including the annual International Rowing Regatta that takes place in front of the Riva Promenade and concludes on the steps of the Diocletian Palace; and the Picigin World Championship, a traditional game held on the beach.

Enjoy A Summer Concert

Numerous art exhibits and music concerts (many free to the public) are held throughout the Old Town including the Festival of Flowers held each year in May at the Diocletian Palace; and the Split Summer Festival runs from Mid-July to Mid-August.

Split Croatia

Croatian Navy Orchestra in Split, Croatia

Best Place To Stay In Split

Split, Croatia
View From Room At Sleep Split

The family run Sleep Split Boutique Luxury Hotel is located just a few steps from the entrance to Split’s Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace. Situated in a 15th century building, each room offers an amazing view. Unlike hotels located within the walls of the Old Town, Sleep Split is accessible by taxi eliminating the need to traverse the cobbled stone streets with luggage in hand. Add the convenience of a lift and you could not ask for anything more enjoyable in an accommodation. Reservations can be made through Booking.com.

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