New Online Tool Helps You Know Your Rights When Flying

The U.S, Department of Transportation has created a new online Airline Customer Service Dashboard to help you know your rights when flying should you experience a flight delay or cancellation.

Bologna, Italy – 15 Top Things To Do

15 Top Things To Do In Bologna, Italy Bologna, Italy – a city rich in history where every alley and building tells the tale of a glorious past could easily be called the stepchild of Venice and Florence. Situated roughly an hour from two of Italy’s most visited cities, it is often overlooked by travelers. ThatContinue reading “Bologna, Italy – 15 Top Things To Do”

Red Island, Croatia

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe With the temperature rising, we set sail southwest from Rovinj for the 2.7km trip to the peebly beaches of Red Island.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Day 3

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe Our last day in Dubrovnik and, although we have explored much of this walled medieval city, there is still so much more. As we left our apartment, we walked down the narrow cobblestoned street that connects to the Luža Square and the Stradun leading to the Old Town Pile Gate entrance.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Day 2

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe We returned to Dubrovnik following our day trip to Perast and Kotor, Montenegro only to be met by a lively Croatian wedding celebration taking place in the Old Town just inside the Pele Gate

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Day 1

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe Back at our apartment in Zagreb and after a short rest, we set off in the afternoon for our 90 minute flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia. While Hvar, Croatia is often called the “Diamond of the Dalmatian Islands”, Dubrovnik is the “Pearl of Croatia”.

Zagreb, Croatia – Day 3

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe We set off this morning to continue exploring the Upper Town and Lower Town in Zagreb, Croatia. Just a short tram ride from our apartment on Tuskanova ulica, the Ban Jelačić Square has been Zagreb’s main marketplace since 1641. Today, it is the dividing point between the Upper Town and LowerContinue reading “Zagreb, Croatia – Day 3”

Zagreb, Croatia – Day 1

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe With the cost of travel increasing, it’s becoming more and more costly to plan trips abroad. Especially when facing unexpected interruptions to flight schedules and changing entry regulations. That’s why we decided to spend a month based in Zagreb, Croatia.  Not only can we leisurely experience all the City hasContinue reading “Zagreb, Croatia – Day 1”