Dubrovnik, Croatia – Day 1

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

ZigZagging Our Way Through Europe

Back at our apartment in Zagreb and after a short rest, we set off in the afternoon for our 90 minute flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia. While Hvar, Croatia is often called the “Diamond of the Dalmatian Islands”, Dubrovnik is the “Pearl of Croatia”.

Our Uber dropped us off at the Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport. The terminal is convenient, modern and efficient with very little wait time as we passed through the security check point. Because we were flying directly from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, our flight was considered domestic so we were able to bypass any passport control points.

Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport In Zagreb, Croatia
The Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport

We plan on being in Dubrovnik for the next four days so we booked an Airbnb located within the walls of the medieval Old Town.

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia
Old Town Dubrovnik

The 30-minute drive from the airport to Old Town Dubrovnik offers spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea as well as the islands of Mlijet and Lastovo. Ivan, our taxi driver, dropped us off at the Pile Gate, the main entrance to the city since automobiles are restricted within the massive stone walls.

Pile Gate at Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

After a short walk along the Stradun, the main street in Old Town Dubrovnik and considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the world …

Stratum in Dubrovnik, Croatia

… we arrived at our apartment and were met by our host, Anton. Located in a quite side street of the Old Town and away from the crowds, we looked forward to enjoying our morning coffee just outside our door.

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Anton, our Airbnb host, had recommended that we try his and his wife Ana’s favorite restaurant, the Restaurant Orhan located on Ul. od Tabakarije 1 just outside the Old Town walls. The views from our table overlooking the Aegean Sea, the Old Town and the 14th century Fort Lovrijenac just as the sun was setting were spectacular.

Restaurant Orhan in Dubrovnik, Croatia

I chose the Black Risotto, known as crni rižot in Croatian. A traditional Dalmatian dish, it was influenced by the Venetian black risotto. The black color comes from adding the ink of squid. While it may look daunting, it was actually quite good. If you are a seafood enthusiast, I highly recommend it.

Black Risotto
Black Risotto

With the day ending and night falling, we took the opportunity to take a walk through this UNESCO World Heritage site. Situated on steep rocks bordering the Adriatic Sea and flanked by the slopes of Mount Srd, the Old Town of Dubrovnik has preserved its special beauty, historical and cultural heritage.

Gundulić Square in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Gundulić Square

Located at the end of Ulica od pučaGundulić Square is named after Ivan Gundulić, a 17th century Dubrovnik poet. Created following the massive earthquake of 1667, the square now is home to outdoor eating establishments as well as a farmer’s market open each morning.

After having an exceptional dinner at Restaurant Orhan, a refreshing gelato while exploring a leisurely walk through the Old Town, we set out to our apartment for the night …

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… only to wake the next morning to the sound of thunder and rain as the open market vendors began to pack up their produce.

Farmer’s Market in. Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik Old Town Farmer’s Market

Not to be deterred by the weather and an advantage of not having a set travel itinerary, we decided to quickly plan a day trip to neighboring Montenegro.

Have you been to Dubrovnik? Tell us about it!

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