With a 1,000 year old storybook castle perched on a cliff and a 17th century church built on an island, Lake Bled, Slovenia is like no other. Surrounded by the Julian Alps and dense forests, it is arguably one of the most picturesque lakes in the world.

Mostar – Top 7 Things You Can Do In A Day

Mostar – Here Are 7 Things You Can Do In A Day Originally a part of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina declared its independence in 1992 following the Bosnian War. With its Ottoman history, breathtaking waterfalls and Turkish influence, Bosnia and Herzegovina is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. Bordering Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia, it isContinue reading “Mostar – Top 7 Things You Can Do In A Day”

Bratislava, Slovakia – Top 10 Things To See and Do

Top 10 Things To Do In Bratislava, Slovakia While Johann Strauss’ “The Blue Danube” may conjure up the vision of a beautiful waltz in Vienna, another hidden gem lies along the Danube River in Slovakia. While the Danube is not actually blue and Vienna is 80km west, there is good reason to add Bratislava, SlovakiaContinue reading “Bratislava, Slovakia – Top 10 Things To See and Do”

Hvar, Croatia – Best Things To See And Do

Best Things To See And Do In Hvar, Croatia With its white-washed architecture, cobbled streets and clear blue Adriatic waters, it is no wonder Hvar is called “The Queen of the Dalmatian Islands”. Situated just 48km off the coast of Split, Croatia, Hvar is the fourth largest of Croatia’s 1,100 coastal islands and a favoriteContinue reading “Hvar, Croatia – Best Things To See And Do”

Prague – 14 Top Things To See and Do In Winter

Ahh, Prague … The “City of a Hundred Spires”! What is there not to like about Prague? From its Old Town Square, cobbled streets, horse drawn carriages, beautiful architecture to the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge spanning the Vitava River – it is truly one of Europe’s finest cities. We doubt you could throwContinue reading “Prague – 14 Top Things To See and Do In Winter”

Split Croatia – 10 Best Things To See And Do

10 Best Things To Do In Split Croatia There are few places in the world quite like Croatia. The beauty of the Adriatic Sea combined with ancient history leads to one fun filled adventure, which is why Croatia has become one of the hottest low-key travel destinations for travelers of all ages.

Pula, Croatia – The Best Things To See And Do

Pula, the Little Rome of Croatia. With an intriguing ancient Roman history dating to 46 BC under Julius Caesar, Pula remains a hidden gem among Croatia’s more popular destinations. It’s well preserved Roman structures are some of the best found in Europe. Situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea at the southern tip of theContinue reading “Pula, Croatia – The Best Things To See And Do”

Bologna, Italy – 15 Top Things To Do

15 Top Things To Do In Bologna, Italy Bologna, Italy – a city rich in history where every alley and building tells the tale of a glorious past could easily be called the stepchild of Venice and Florence. Situated roughly an hour from two of Italy’s most visited cities, it is often overlooked by travelers. ThatContinue reading “Bologna, Italy – 15 Top Things To Do”